Wah hey! A date for your diaries – the AMAZING FODIS Summer Fair.

Details to follow and we’ll be looking as usual for some sexy volunteers.

Mail volunteer@fodis.org.uk if you’d like to help out or donate a raffle prize.

Joining the PTA can seem

a) tragic

b) sad

c) dangerous

But at Downs, just like with the rest of the school, we are not like other PTAs. Our main aim is to have a laugh and help the school. There are no cliques, no meanness and no leaving anyone in the lurch with things they can’t do. Three years goes SO fast, believe us. The time to help is now.

The Summer Fair is coming up and we’d love reception parents to shadow FODIS people who are leaving FODIS in September. We have all the info, we have all the knowledge, we need some new people to pick up the mantle.

Why get involved? Two reasons: First the children love their parents/carers/grandparents helping out. Second: The school benefits so much from the community vibe that FODIS helps bring. We’re looking in particular for:

  1. someone who wants to learn social media tools (I am self taught, can you tell:) )
  2. A graphic or artistic person who can do posters from Sept 2017 (full brief given, only 5 required)
  3. Someone who likes shopping that can bargain hunt for all the prizes that are required at the fair

All fun jobs see!

If you want to get stuck in then mail mailto: volunteer@fodis.org.uk or rock up to a meeting, they will be held on the first Weds of each month in the Open House pub.

Weds 5th April.
Weds 3rd May
Weds 3rd June
MONDAY 3rd July (Y2 Leavers making meeting)

Do you want to see if we are worth the effort – well here are our LOVELY faces.

(hmmmm maybe I should have a haircut)

Did you have fun at the Donald-tastic Quiz? It raised £800 for the school!

Next Weds March 8th at the Open House we’re having a general catch up and Summer Fair planning meeting. if you have some feedback or ideas then it would be great to meet you.

Friday 24th Feb ‘pub quiz’ style adults only quiz at the school. 


What you need to know:

What: FUN FUN FUN Pub school QUIZ!

Who: YOU and five friends (teams of Six)

When: From 7.30pm Friday 24th Feb

Why: Raise money for the SCHOOL!

How: Ticket form in the book bag or from the school office

Tickets are £10 each and INCLUDE a delicious cheese and cracker board, with seasonal fruits. There will be a fully stocked bar (obviously).